Is everyone doing their happy dance? 💃🏻 It’s FRIDAYYYYYY!!!! I had a panic attack this morning as I realized that Valentine’s Day IS NEXT WEEK! WHAT?! Is it just me, or does Valentine’s Day tend to sneak up on you?

I think back to my childhood and I feel so bad for my mama. It must have been torture for her to sit down and patiently help us kids fill out our Valentine’s Day cards. To all the people out there helping kiddos write out cards, I salute you.

I’m sure we weren’t the only family up WAYYYY past our bedtime trying to finish writing cards for our class party the next day! I admire my mama for enduring it and never letting on that it was such a painful task!

In honor of all those parent’s, I created a simple Valentine’s Card - no candy or name writing required! So if it’s February 13th at 8:45pm and you’re stressing about what your kiddos will bring to school tomorrow, I’ve got you covered.


Simply head over to the PRINTABLES PAGE and download the graphic. Print as many copies as you need. If you happen to be super fancy, you could even attach some pencils with the valentine. Otherwise, print, cut,

Here’s to hoping this is a stress-free February 13th.